PR has changed. What should you do now?

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PR has changed. Period.

Let’s not overcomplicate things.

PR is the art and science of storytelling. It always was and always will be.

But what has changed in the last few years is the way it is practised.

There is an increasing realisation that PR doesn’t have to be restricted to conventional media. Yes, conventional media continues to be influential and should be part of the publicity plan. However, PR has expanded into other mediums like social media, newsletters, and podcasts to name a few.

These platforms enable us to tell our stories directly to the audience.

There is no intermediation.

Being able to broadcast your message without any intermediation from a third party is a superpower.

Should you use this superpower to sell your products/services?

Absolutely not.

Doing that will only alienate the target audience.

What you should do is connect with the target audience through stories they can relate to.

  • Talk like humans talk.
  • Be authentic.
  • Show your vulnerabilities, your successes as well as failures.

When you do that you create a rapport with the audience.

And creating rapport is the main purpose of PR.

Isn’t it?

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