PR is about practical ideas, not media relations

Ideas comes before Media Relations

PR is not about media relations.

It’s about ideas that can generate positive press.

Coming up with such ideas is a difficult task and there are no shortcuts.

But everyone can do it if the following steps are followed:

1. Develop a thorough understanding of the client’s business.
2. Understand the client’s priority areas for the year.
3. Study the media and research papers for industry trends. Speak with a few senior journalists to find out what stories will work for their publications.
4. Ask questions without fear or prejudice.
5. Take detailed notes throughout the process. These notes are everything you need.
6. Cull out PR ideas from these notes.
7. Discuss the ideas with the client and prioritize their implementation.

The work will not end with the generation of ideas.

You have to move on to the next phase of media pitching.

That’s a different sequence of activities. More on that later.

But, for now, you have the list of activities you have to do to start your PR engagement on the right foot.

Ideas comes before Media Relations

Fill up your PR ideas book before thinking of media relations.

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