Get the most out of your PR agency

PR maze can be solved by your PR agency

Here’s a tip on how to get the maximum out of the PR agency you have just onboarded.

Your PR agency is an outsider and would have little knowledge about your brand in the beginning.

This is a limitation and an advantage.

It’s an advantage because of the agency’s vantage point.

Since they are outsiders, they can help you with insights on how external stakeholders would look at your brand.

From the outside, they can soak in the information about your brand from secondary sources like published news, website, and social media, and help you from the unique vantage point of a customer consuming information from the same sources.

They can give you critical inputs on the positives of your communication throughput, they can also underline the gaps.

1. How would a customer look at a particular piece of information?
2. Is the given information sufficient for a prospective customer to decide?
3. What platforms are missing from your communications arsenal?
4. Does the social media conversation point to possibilities of operational inefficiencies?

The PR agency can share these insights.

All you have to do is listen intently and make the engagement work for you from the very beginning.

PR maze can be solved by your PR agency

PR maze can be easily solved from a good vantage point

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