PR is more than media coverage

Media coverage

‘PR = Media Coverage’

This is what most clients feel about PR.

It’s a self-limiting belief.

Here’s why:

– Today, press coverage is difficult to come by as the demand for media space is rising and its supply is shrinking.
– This makes the journalists apply various filters to decide what to cover on a given day.
– 90% of media pitches make their way to the trash bin.

When this is happening on the media’s side, clients are still fixated on the archaic idea of ‘PR = Media Coverage’

Naturally, after a few months of trying the limited idea of PR, clients start feeling they have burnt their fingers in PR and vow to not touch it again.

Look at the irony — Clients vow to stay away from PR without experiencing PR in its entirety.

It makes clients miss out on so many opportunities to connect with their target audience.

At this juncture, one may ask: What is PR if it’s not a tool to get media coverage?

Here’s a simple statement: PR is a tool to connect with your target audience primarily through organic communication channels.

The organic channels are:

– Media
– Social Media
– Influencers
– Blogs
– Newsletters
– Podcasts
– Whitepapers
– Case Studies
– Events & Conferences

The list is only widening as we speak.

PR professionals are involved in all of these channels.

And, clients can benefit from this. All they have to do is move beyond press coverage and discuss the wider possibilities.

Media coverage

Media coverage is  passé

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